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Check These Out – 1st Edition

From this week onwards,  on Fridays, I will put up  links to interesting articles that I have read that also provide tips on finance and development. This could be another avenue to discover other writers and sites. Enjoy!

Pay Down Debt or Invest (@ Oblivious Investor): An article about whether to begin investing first and then pay down debt or vice versa. In simple words “Put money toward whatever option will earn the greatest after-tax rate of return.” For me that means tax-sheltered accounts and debt come first. See the article for more details

Improve Yourself Every Chance You Get (@ The Simple Dollar): This blog is one of my favorite personal finance blogs to visit. In this article Trent talks about how using every opportunity to improve your current circumstances will always yield future returns. I agree, but check it yourself

11 Ways to graduate with less debt (@ MSN Money): This article lists some ways to minimize leaving college with a large hole in your pocket. Tips include Waiting till Senior Year to get a credit card, Getting a Job, Graduating in four years etc. Some things I wish I had learned when I was an undergraduate

4 Ways Students Can Save 1,000s a Year (@ Mint): The first tip the article mentiones is reduce costs of textbooks. A friend of mine just spent close to $500 on 3 books and prices are continually increasing every year. Take advantage of amazon and barnes & noble.  Although sometimes you may not know the book for the class till you start the semester/quarter, sometimes a simple e-mail to the professor will rememdy this. Some other tips in this article include “Replacing Microsoft Office” and “Legging it”.