The Spark

Ever since I was little, I have loved reading. It’s part of the reason why I wear glasses now. That and the fact that Nigeria never had a constant supply of electricity . .  . but I digress. My love of reading led me to mystery novels, crime novels, romance novels but overall mostly fiction books. I never wanted to pick up a non-fiction book because I always felt the material would be boring. After I graduated from O.U. with my bachelors, I had a year off from schooling and I decided to pick up my first non-fiction book. Luckily for me it turned out to be Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” I know I have mentioned him twice in as many blog posts as I have, but trust me it’s not an obsession. It’s hard to find someone who has never heard about the book as it is almost as popular as “Think and Grow Rich” (if you’re one, don’t feel bad :-)). I won’t do a book review here as I will save that for a later post.

However, the reason why this sparked my interest in Kaizen is that  after I was trying something I had never tried before: reading a non-fiction book,  I was introduced to a new perspective on living and learning. For instance, the lesson on Habit 2 about “Starting with the end in mind” where you learn how to figure out what really matters to you or Habit 3 “Keep first things first” where you learn about how the most important things in life are the things that are important but not urgent and therefore more time should be focused on this area.

Overall, there are multiple things that we all avoid because we don’t think they will benefit or we think it’s to hard or we think it doesn’t apply. Yet you’d be surprised what you’ll learn when you give it some effort. It’s like the movie YES MAN. Try making yourself say yes . . . it opens doors and it could be the key to your next level. In my case, it helped me start reading books that I could actually apply to my life and nuggets of truth that made sense.

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  2. I love this book and it feels like new every time I read it.


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